Minor League Rules

Brighton/Cottonwood Heights
Cal Ripken Baseball Rules for Minor League


  1. Teams should be at the ballpark ready to play at least fifteen (15) minutes before game time.  At least eight (8) players must be present by five (5) minutes after the team without at least eight (8) players forfeits the official game start time or the game.  If a ninth (9th) player does not show up, there will be an automatic out at the end of each line-up where that player would bat.  When the ninth (9th ) player shows up, the automatic out will not be enforced.
  2. If a team begins play with a regulated number of players (9, 10, 11) and one (1) player leaves the game for a non-injury related reason, there will be an automatic out in that slot of the batting line-up.
  3. All players who show up for a game must bat.
  4. Batters and base runners must use batting helmets.
  5. The ten (10) run rule is in effect.  If the home team is leading by ten (10) or more runs after three and half (3-1/2) innings or the visiting team is leading by ten (10) or more runs after four (4) innings, the game will be over.  The game may continue if time permits (to the point of the inning start time deadline); however, the team leading at the ten (10) run rule point is the winner and all official score keeping of the game is over.
  6. Runners may not lead off the base.
  7. Runners may steal a base after the pitch crosses home plate.
  8. The infield fly rule is in effect.
  9. Mercy rule is in effect.
  10. Automatic slide rule at the plate is in effect.  Failure to slide could result in an out.  All calls will be at the umpire’s discretion.
  11. Protests must be made before the next pitch is made.  Protests must be noted in the official score book with all the details regarding the protest.  Protests must be submitted to the League Commissioner in writing.  If the protest involves either the child of or a team coached by the League Commissioner, the protest must be submitted to a Commissioner of another division.  Judgment calls by the umpire may not be protested.
  12. Six (6) innings constitutes a regulation game (five and a half (5-1/2) if the home team is leading).  Four (4) innings constitutes the regulation minimum limit for a game (three and a half (3-1/2) if the home team is leading).  Any game called before the regulation minimum inning limit or cancelled because of weather is a “no game” and will be rescheduled.  Games tied at the end of regulation play, 4 (four) to 6 (six) innings that cannot be completed will be recorded as a “tie game”.  Umpires will have the discretion to call games because of darkness or weather and the outcome of the game will be determined under the leagues local rules.
  13. A half inning is completed when there are either:
    1. three (3) outs
    2. Six (6) runs scored by the batting team
    3. a team has batted through their complete order

This applies to every half inning. 

  1. If a game has completed the regulation minimum inning limit and a new inning is started but not completed because of darkness, weather, or any other reason under the Cal Ripken Baseball rules, the outcome of the game is determined by the score at the end of the last completed inning. A not completed inning means less than a full inning if the home team is losing when the game is stopped, and less than a half inning if the visiting team is losing when the game is stopped.
  2. “Tie” games shall not be replayed.  Each tie game will count as half (1/2) a game in the league standings.
  3. No new inning will be started after one (1) hour and thirty (30) minutes from the scheduled start time of the game.  A drop dead time will be 1 hour forty minutes.
  4. A pitcher may pitch six (6) innings in a calendar week.  A calendar week consists of Monday-Sunday.  If a pitcher pitches more than two (2) innings in a game, he/she must wait 48 hours before pitching again.  One (1) pitch in an inning by any pitcher counts as one (1) completed inning.
  5. Players shall not throw bats or helmets.  Players who intentionally throw bats or helmets may be reported to the Commissioner and the Board Members of the League.  Action may be taken by the Board, which could affect the player’s eligibility to play.
  6. On game days where the weather is such that it is possible that the games will not be played, teams must report to the field at the scheduled game start time (including the required fifteen (15) minutes before game time).  If neither team has the required number of players, both teams will forfeit.  The commissioner of that division or a board member of the league will be at the fields on days where weather may cause a game not to be played.  The decision will be made at that time whether to play the game as scheduled or cancel and make up at a later date.
  7. At the end of a game where a winner or tie is declared through play or forfeit, the decision will be recorded by the umpire in the official score book for that game.  Along with the decision, the score, game time, and innings pitched by each pitcher must be recorded in the official scorebook.  This score book for the game is to be signed by a representative of each team that just played.  Failure to sign the official score book for the game by any team will result in that team’s loss of the right to protest any of the results recorded for that game.  The results in the official score book will be reported to the league Secretary within twenty-four (24) hours after the game.  The league Secretary will keep the standings for the league.
  8. All other regular Cal Ripken Baseball rules apply.  


  1. Home team is responsible for providing a knowledgeable official scorekeeper.
  2. Home team for the first game (i.e., 4:30pm or 5:00pm) is responsible for setting up the field if not yet prepared by the Parks and Recreation team.  The umpire will provide game balls.
  3. Home team for the second game (i.e., 6:15pm or 6:45pm) is responsible for returning the equipment to the storage area and for cleaning up the field and bleacher areas

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